Central Church is an independent evangelical church in Collierville, TN.  When people in our church ask questions we try to provide sound, quality answers that are true to the Bible and thus, true to the character of God.  The answers are characteristically short without, hopefully, being incomplete or surface.

If  you have a question you are welcome to submit it and as we have time we will seek to give you a response.

4 thoughts on “About

    • It is hard to know exactly what you are asking since definitions have not been given for your terms. A friendship is a relationship along the scale of all relationships, some more intimate than others, some sealed with a covenant, some not. If by “relationship” you mean a marital relationship (all sexual/romantic relationships require a marital covenant to be considered healthy and holy) I cannot say a friendship is better or worse than marriage. They are both gifts from God and serve some different and some similar benefits. A friendship may have a covenant (witness David’s covenant with Jonathan). If the one we have relationship with is a believer and we are also, we will spend eternity in relationship with one another, so the relationship from that standpoint can be called “eternal.”

  1. I truly feel (after3-1/2) days in icu, and still can picture them, (and have feeling of) demons
    that were trying to get into my house. Is this real ?

    • It is possible, or perhaps it was your mind’s interpretation of them trying to influence your life. I don’t know. The key is to focus on where you might find yourself pulling away from God’s truth or where you find yourself vulnerable in your faith and strengthen that area by giving yourself to truth. Demons traffic in lies. Do you recall a “lie” that you were hearing or experiencing during this time in ICU? That is what they want to draw you to and what gives them more control in your life.

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