Should I leave Catholicism?

Question: I am very concerned as I am a catholic and was wondering if our Lord meant that my church is Babylon and to leave the church, because of all the scandal that it has been going through lately. do you think I have reason to be concerned?pope-francis-2-300

Answer: There have been Protestant interpreters who have identified Babylon with the Catholic Church in the past and probably some who still do, but I find this interpretation very questionable. It is designated as a city, and though it is said to sit on seven hills in some translations (as Rome does), if the word here means mountains instead that would not apply to Rome. If mountains is intended it would be symbolic rather than strictly geographical, mountains representing places of power and authority. Babylon would be in control of seven kingdoms in this interpretation.

I think the best reason to leave the Catholic Church would not be for the scandals of late. Every human organization will have fallen human beings doing bad things that need to be dealt with. That is why Jesus taught a way of dealing with sin in the church in Matthew 18:15-20. The reason you should leave it is if it is in disagreement with the clear teaching of Scripture. Protestants have had problems in this arena with the fact that the Catholic Church, in our opinion, has obscured the gospel and the way of salvation, making it seem too much like it depends on our works to get us to heaven rather than the finished sacrifice of Christ. Martin Luther’s concern was that the Bible teaches justification (being declared righteous before God) by faith alone.

Protestants have also disagreed with vesting authority in one man in the church, and even with the councils of the church, as they can be fallible and it would seem to have indeed failed to preserve the teaching of Scripture. We see Scripture as our final authority, though we value the tradition of the church as a help to correct interpretation of Scripture.

Do you know that you have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you being taught in your faith to grow in grace and becoming more Christlike in your life? Is the church helping or hindering this process? Can you learn from both sides of the aisle? Do you really give allegiance to the Pope? These are the kinds of questions I believe are most important to answer in this consideration.


8 thoughts on “Should I leave Catholicism?

  1. The only thing(and I’m not a pastor) is if you have evidence that you have trouble finding good biblical leadership; if most of the members are knowingly following a lie; or that the Catholic church had moved away from biblical doctrine. Catholics seem to believe in using Mary in their prayers either as they would holy water or they actually pray to her, which does not appear in the bible. Also, I believe they make saints of men and how do you know unless God reveals it, as with saints of the bible? Also, pay attention to the symbols that a religious denomination uses and read up on what they actually mean. Illuminati(devil organization) and other evil symbols run rampant. I’d also read what defectors that had also chosen another Christian denomination had to say. I’d have problems with that being Christian–esp. knowing that “Catholicism didn’t break the mold”. Still, if Catholicism did break the mold, I might just go independent.

  2. There are so many ways the modern church especially in America has deviated from peaceful and loving transforming of the world. This has gone on since the usurpation of the teachings of Jesus by Paul. Paul transformed the teachings of Jesus into a religion that is known today as discriminate and intolerant and is full of hateful rhetoric for others who do not conform to our very narrow views.
    One thing for sure after talking to several self proclaimed religious experts, Pastors and the like, they don’t like reading their bibles at face value and feel the need to interpret what it is saying to fit a modern world and its varied problematic situations. This has caused consternation amongst loyal immovable fundamentalists. Most conservatives in America feel the bible is too liberal and seek to taint it with a dollop of conservatism at their great folly. Jesus words and teachings with the exception of a few scriptures (whose authorship is questionable) are very left of center, just like our very hearts in our chests. This is just not acceptable to most conservatives.
    As long as folks try to defend god and the bible from a far right conservative approach they will continue to fail and do harm to our younger generations who may have otherwise joined the church as giving and meaningful members. As of now, church members look a lot like hypocrites.
    They always play the victim and never look inward toward their own acts and attitudes as to being the very cause that so many young people do not want anything to do with Christianity.
    Just seek love and peace and do the best you can on a daily basis to make the word a better place to live.

    • This response of yours makes me think you have read neither Jesus or Paul. Paul’s teachings are in perfect harmony with those of Jesus, and Jesus himself gave Paul his commission to teach in His name. Paul does not teach that we should discriminate against people or be intolerant and hateful. He broke out of the bounds of his own Judaistic perspective of Gentiles to do just the opposite and championed Gentile outreach. Yes, there are pastors who seek to conform the meaning of the Bible to modern situations, but again, there is a right and a wrong way to interpret any communication and one must have a way to defend his or her interpretation of Scripture. There are plenty of us who stand in a long line of interpretation that sees the meaning of Scripture judging our lives and showing us the correct way to live.

      Yes, Jesus was challenging the traditions and views of the day, but he wasn’t always left of center, sometimes he was right of center (on divorce, for example). We have to be faithful to the teaching of Jesus, whether it is left or right of our current center, and of course, the center is always changing. We can’t yield to the current center for the sake of a younger generation or any generation without endangering the true message. Jesus didn’t. But he did love people and so even though he challenged the sinfulness of the tax collectors and the prostitutes, they did not feel condemned but loved. To the woman caught in adultery he did say, “Go and sin no more,” but he did so out of love and she knew it. We must do the same.

  3. Please do not leave Catholicism. Catholics emphasize, as instructed by St. Paul in Romans 4, that faith is a gift from God and it is through faith that God declares us righteous. We also do good works, but it takes faith in God to enter heaven. This is correct Catholic theology. Protestants I hope will understand their interpretation is not quite correct. We both agree it takes faith in God to be righteous.
    In the Catholic Church you can receive the real body and blood of Jesus and offer God this perfect sacrifice in atonement for our sins. Christ intended to feed everyone at the table of the Lord. God wants all people to be saved.
    Also, God has given us scripture that tells us his creation of a man and a woman means he intends marriage to be between a man and a woman. God also told us in scripture that when we turn away from God one result is unnatural relations (homosexuality). God also gave us the Ten Commandments and the 5th Commandment says that we are not to kill; therefore, abortion is wrong in the eyes of God. God’s second commandment is that we love one another and forgive one another. We are not the judge. I wish people understood that love of God’s laws is not discrimination.

    • I am encouraged by what you are saying you believe as a Catholic. I hope it is true that the Catholic is teaching that faith alone is essential to salvation. I know you say that Christ intended everyone to feed at his table, but I am guessing that if I don’t accept that his actual body and blood is present in the elements of the Eucharist I won’t be allowed at the table. Is that correct?

      I agree with you that God’s law is an expression of His love for us and is not discriminatory or encouraging us in any way not to love each other, even those who disobey His commands.

    • when christ was crucified it became known as goodfriday, mary would not go to the grave the next day to anoint his body because it was the sabbath but when mary went to the grave he had risin what became easter sunday the 3rd day so between friday and sunday only leaves saturday the true sabbath day some say it dont matter what day you observe as long as you observe a day. god thought it pretty importent its the 4th comandment break one law your guilty of all. some say christ coming changed that comandment. christ said he came not to change the law but to fufil the law. i dont believe the pope or any man can forgive sin or 10,000 hailmarys can not assure your salvation only through the lord jesus christ will you find salvation. the way i took what i read was we are saved through grace

  4. You teach false catholic beliefs…..We believe that the Word turned to flesh and dwelt amoung us, therefore if worthy you must take part in the Eucharist as instructed to attain the grace of a Heavenly Eternal Life. Please do not be a Pharisee.

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