Can a Homosexual Be a Christian?

Question: Can a man claim to be a Christian and still be a homosexual? I just happened to hear some guys talking about that and I thought it was very interesting, even though I believe I know the answer to the question (NO WAY!). p.s I judge them not, our Heavenly Father wants me and others to pray for them, that they find the same GOD who forgave us for our sins, can also forgive them for there’s.

Answer: The question is a complex one. By homosexual do you mean someone who is actively engaged in sexual relationships? Or do you mean someone who is not engaged in sexual relationships but has same-sex attraction?

If the person is engaged in sexual relationships do they believe that the Scriptures forbid such relationships or have they been convinced that Scripture approves one-partner committed relationships?

Have you ever been involved in a sinful behavior that you did not realize was sinful? Did you claim to be a Christian at the time? Were you a Christian?  A person might be in homosexual relationships but not know that they are wrong.  This doesn’t mean they are not experiencing the consequences of wrong behavior (all of God’s laws are designed to help us function most like we were created to function).  But their conscience may not be moving them to deal with it as sin.

I believe the Scriptures are clear that same-sex intercourse is sinful. Same-sex attraction is not. I also believe that a true believer can be engaging in sinful behaviors but that if they are challenged by the truth and are seeking to break free from sinful behaviors this is an evidence that they are true believers. They should also be experiencing some success at breaking from sinful behaviors.

How long can a person continue in sinful behavior before we question whether they are truly redeemed or not? I cannot say. But as you note, this is something we must leave to the Lord. I am not required to prove that anyone is not a Christian. If they claim to be I am required to continue seeking to help them move toward holiness.

Randall Johnson


2 thoughts on “Can a Homosexual Be a Christian?

  1. Great post! The only disagreement stems from “Same sex attraction is not”. In the Old Testament, it was “as long as you don’t do, you will not have sinned,” but Jesus came and said “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matt 5:28) and Matthew 5:22, Jesus points out that as long as we desire to do those things, it is just as sinful as doing them (ie lust and anger).

    • You can have same-sex attraction and not be lusting in your heart, just as you can have hetero-sexual attraction and not be lusting in your heart. Having the attraction is not sinful. It is what you do with it.

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