Discovering Spiritual Gifts

Question:  How do I know what my spiritual gift is? 

Answer:  The best way is to move toward ministries or service areas that you feel drawn to.  Our gifts create in us motivations to do certain types of service.  Broadly speaking, the gifts may be categorized in two large groupings, speaking gifts and serving gifts (1 Peter 4:11).  Speaking gifts include such things as teaching, prophesying, and encouraging (and each of these can be done in a number of different formats, like singing, counseling, preaching, mentoring, etc.).  Serving gifts include things like administrating, leading, showing mercy, healing, and simply serving with our talents (and each of these can be done in a number of different formats, like visiting the sick, organizing outreaches or services to those in need, hospitality, and any number of services tied to our skills and talents).

When you find success in the areas you attempt to serve, that is, people are helped and the kingdom of God is furthered, this is a good indicator that you are functioning in your gift.  If you find yourself more stressed than excited, or people do not respond the way you hoped to your efforts, there is likely another area more in line with your gifting.  Another factor to consider is the venue in which your gift is used.  Some are given a large scale venue in which God will use them, others a small scale venue.  Neither is better than the other, just a matter of where God wants to use you.

Sometimes spiritual gifts tests can give you an idea of where to start trying out your desire to serve.  Here is a link to a spiritual gifts test on Central’s website: gifts


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