Where does the Bible say it is wrong to dabble with Harry Potter?

Harry Potter

Question: I am very strong in my faith and walk with Jesus. I was talking with a lady here at work and I said something like, “Well, there is only one way and that is through Jesus.” She said, “Oh, no, if it makes you feel happy or makes you smile that is what counts.” We got interrupted before I could say more. Then a man saw this little candy thing I had with a green hand pointing and he said, “That is a Harry Potter peace sign.” “I had no idea,” I said. “Oh, well, I will throw it away.” He said, “Why?” I said, “That is a cult to me,” and he laughed right in my face and said “You’ve got to be kidding.” My question is where in the Bible can I back up what I believe is wrong with Harry Potter?

Answer: I don’t know of a specific passage that would say it is wrong to have anything to do with the Harry Potter books or movies or paraphernalia. Of course, anything that suggests that there is life other than in Jesus Christ is wrong, but that covers most everything we listen to, read or view (the nightly news, for example).

May I suggest that a better way to witness to unbelievers is to pick up on the ideas they focus on and that might speak to their hearts. For example, with the guy who pointed out that you had a Harry Potter peace sign, you might have said, “Peace is a pretty important thing to have these days, isn’t it?” If he engaged you or made a remark about that, it might lead you to say, “I have found peace for my life in the most extraordinary place. I’d love to talk to you about it sometime.” Then let him make a decision about whether he will take you up on that. This will be an indication whether the Holy Spirit is drawing him or not.

Unfortunately, when we point out to people how things they have enjoyed are devilish or wrong, they have no basis for understanding that and will only think we’re heartless, joyless prigs. They won’t be able to see that we care about them and their eternal destinies. They will only be repulsed and less willing to hear what we have to say about Jesus. I guess what I’m suggesting is to focus on the positive in the unbeliever’s passions or interests instead of the negative. Once they come to Christ there will be opportunities to sort out more minor issues about what they read or watch or wear.

Randall Johnson


2 thoughts on “Where does the Bible say it is wrong to dabble with Harry Potter?

    • David, this is one pastor’s response. I’ll tell you a secret. What I originally intended to be responses from several pastors at my church turned out to be not so practical and all the responses except for one are all by me, Randall Johnson. Maybe I should re-title my blog. I stand by my response, but that doesn’t mean I am guaranteeing that my response is always absolutely correct. I am giving my view based on my understanding of God through Scripture and as we all know, we can, as Christians, have some pretty diverse views on such things. Please take my response as a stimulus to search the Scriptures for yourself, as a view to interact with as you come to your own conclusions.

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