What does your church believe about baptism?

Open air believer's baptism by the Jesus Army

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Question: What is Central’s position on baptismal beliefs including immersion and sprinkling and adult/infant baptism?

Answer: As far as baptism is concerned, our church believes that both immersion and sprinkling are legitimate modes of baptism and that the individual should make a choice as to what mode they prefer. What matters is one’s heart when it comes to baptism. Am I submitting my life to Christ who alone can save me? Then I am truly being baptized as a symbol of that fact. I must be baptized. I cannot baptize myself. I am a passive participant in the process, a fitting picture of my passive participation in the salvation of Christ. It is faith, not the act of baptism, that saves me.

We do not baptize infants, only those who have indicated that they have believed the gospel, whatever age they may be.

Randall Johnson


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