In “The Passion of the Christ” movie, who is the baby the Satan figure is holding?

Question: In the movie, The Passion, could you please explain what was the meaning of Satan carrying the baby.

Answer: Here is the answer given by an unofficial fan website on the movie,

Q. I saw the movie, and during the scourging scene, there is an image of the “satan” character and it looks like it is holding a baby. Is that symbolic of something?

(A) Artists through the centuries have often portrayed Jesus as a child in the arms of Mary. In “The Passion”, there is a shot during the scourging scene, where the “satan” character is seen holding what looks like a grotesque-looking child. This depiction represents an “anti” Madonna and Child – it is Satan mocking not only Jesus and Mary, but it is also Satan mocking the coming of Christ into the world as a man suggesting it was futile.

A person who saw Mel Gibson being interviewed reports that Gibson said it was meant to represent that we are all born into the world in sin and there is sin in even those who most appear innocent. From the back the baby looked innocent, but when you saw the demonic face you realized it was evil.

There is no Biblical account describing any of the scenes depicted in the movie of Satan in the garden or moving through the crowds or chasing Judas Iscariot.

Randall Johnson


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