Should Christians be concerned about global warming?

Greenhouse Gases In Global Warming Effect

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Question:  Recently I have heard a lot in the media about the issue of so-called “Global Warming” and it makes me afraid for my children’s future here on earth. I don’t think this issue is mentioned in the Bible directly, but I feel like in some ways we are stewards of God’s creation. Should I be worried about the issue of “Global Warming” and if so what if anything should we do?

Answer: We are not, of course, to be consumed by worry (Philippians 4:6), but we are to pay attention to the issues of concern in our world, if for no other reason than that they are a concern to other people and could affect our families as well.

No, the problem of global warming (“climate change” is a more generally descriptive term) is not specifically mentioned in the Bible. Some of the anticipated effects from this condition, if it is true (floods, extremely hot temperatures), could be what is referenced in the book of Revelation (chapters 6-19) as part of the outpouring of God’s judgment on the unbelieving earth.

As you seem to be aware, the issue of global warming, though accepted as a fact by much of the scientific and political community, has not been without its opponents. However, few, if any, would argue that it is a good thing to pollute our atmosphere, even if the dire prophecies of global warming are not coming true. We do have a responsibility to take care of our earth. God created humans to have dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:28; Psalm 8:6-8). We are to rule as God’s co-regents over His creation. We must rule as He would rule, take care of it as He would take care of it.

Proverbs 12:10 says, “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,” and surely this is not limited to just his animals but extends to all of God’s creation. In light of this Christians ought to be more “green” and for more of the right reasons than anyone else. We should be looking for ways to preserve the good gifts God has given us. We should be encouraging alternative fuel sources and conserving energy, and protecting water sources, and be for controlling air pollution. Here are some links to websites that will give you some practical ways to join in on helping to protect our natural resources. We are indeed stewards of all God has given us and will have to answer to Him for how we have taken care of His world.

Randall Johnson


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