Do we have guardian angels?

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Question: Is having a guardian angel and depending on him or her for protection scriptural? Are angels male or female or both? How should angels fit into the thinking of believers when the emphasis in church doctrine is on praying to Jesus and depending on Him as our Lord, savior, healer and protector?

Answer: The Bible always uses the masculine pronoun when referring to angels. The only place that mentions that someone has or possesses an angel is in Matthew 18:10, where Jesus warns his disciples not to look down on “little ones,” whom most take to mean believers in the congregation who cannot defend their faith alone. Even the weakest members of the church have the eyes and ears of God and advocates in the persons of holy angels. Psalm 34:7 and Hebrews 11:14 mention the role angels can play in protecting and serving believers, much as Michael seems to protect and serve the nation of Israel (Daniel 10:12-14). We are never encouraged to pray to angels, or to ask for angelic help. We ask God for help, and if He chooses to use an angel, so be it. Angels are not, as you note, meant to be the focus of believers. Only the Lord is. Should he choose to use angels, we will be thankful to them when we can see them, just as we would any fellow believer who helped us in our walk with Christ.

Randall Johnson


3 thoughts on “Do we have guardian angels?

  1. Your advice about angels here is great advice. I am not sure what an angel is but am sure they are not to be worshiped, I view them and our spiritual selves as form of energy for lack of better understanding. A friend of the family was diagnosed with late stage cancer in her bones. Her family had a hard time accepting this and they pushed her to be normal and ignore the diagnosis. They removed her pain meds which almost killed her. I stepped in and while my main concern was for Mimi I did my best to help the family accept what was to come. With hospice we managed to get her comfortable again after 3 days of around the clock medicating. I did Mimi’s chores and kept the family as calm as possible. They saw Mimi when she was tended to and comfortable and I kept them away from her bad moments as it was what upset them so much. They were convinced it was the drugs making her sick. When she was calm and lucid they had nice visits and I would leave them and go home and sleep. I would return when my family was fed and my chores were done. I usually stayed the night, leaving in the late morning and returning late evening. You can see in a person’s eyes the life within them. Mimi had taken to being in this realm sometimes and in another realm at other times, I call that place the valley of the shadow of death. Her eyes told me where she was. Some doorway was opened. Mimi would ask me who that man in the corner was as he bothered her with his leering. I saw no man but I would rebuke him with prayers in the name of Christ. When he continued to return and upset her I ended up praying to bind him to Christ. Mimi had me kiss a cross that she impatiently guided me to. She wept over the beautiful singing only she could hear. She visited loved ones who had passed on. It was during her return from what I call the valley of the shadow of death, that she whispered to me saying “I saw Paul” and I was sure I had heard her wrongly as I said “what” with a racing heart. She then confirmed it when she answered with “I saw Pee Wee”. I bit my lip and said, if you see him again tell him I love him. Mimi never knew I have a brother that died at the age of 8 from cancer. She never knew that everyone called him Pee Wee, everyone but me. I always called him by his given name, Paul. I was 9 when he died. Another incident took place after I had bound the leering visitor to Christ. Mimi was in the valley of the shadow of death. it wasn’t unusual for her to speak out with what she saw and heard, such as the cross or the singing. Yet, she spoke firmly and with authority when she announced 1st, “Darlene has many kindred spirits with her” and 2nd, “Darlene’s prayers will not be heard or answered ever again”. Her tone and her message chilled me. I was speechless and actually afraid. She was leering at me when she said it. I prayed for guidance and for Mimi. As always when she was back with us she did not remember anything when her eyes showed she was in that place I call, the valley of the shadow of death. Yet, she brought back spirits with her. In her lucid mind she would ask who all of the people were in her room. People no one else could see. People her family dismissed as being an effect from the drugs. To this day they do not know about my brother nor of Mimi telling me not just his name but his nickname too. Her family had finally accepted that Mimi was dying and they were much better towards her. They started to come around more and were more willing to help. One morning I went home and I was at peace within knowing everything would be okay now. I did not go back and the family did not call me asking for me to come. They were finally making their peace and all was good. 2 weeks later one of Mimi’s sisters called and told me of her passing and that everyone was with her and all were at peace. I attended the funeral and stayed out of the family drama that follows the passing of a family member. I would talk to Pop and he was good and doing well. Things work out as they always do with time. I am still haunted by her words about my prayers not to be heard ever again. I know I have many guardian angels, as I call them. They have protected me many times. They have let me know their presence when I am down. I think a part of me closed up that day when Mimi seemed a bit too happy to announce that my prayers would not be heard. I still pray and God has answered my prayers. Yet, sometimes I do wonder if it is God or that leering informant Mimi mocked that day as she was in the valley of the shadow of death. I suspect, when my time comes that leering fellow I bound to Christ will be there chipping away at my Faith. I ask myself… Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I shall fear no evil… or will I?

  2. I contradict myself when I mention the “man” I bound to Christ and expect I will encounter when my time to shed my flesh comes. I should have explained that where there is one of him there are others just like him. While one is bound, that does not mean they all are. As a child of age 11 a cousin of mine was hit by a car and killed. I took it hard, likely losing my brother 2 years earlier played a part in my grief. It was during a time, before the accident, we were together and talking she revealed to me a man, nobody could see but her. He was with her always and he even ate her pie one time. She did not say what they talked about but I did not believe her so she wouldn’t have said anyways. After she was killed her diary revealed the man who was there. She had written that he was there to accompany her. She knew she was going to die and that it would be quick and he would be there with her. She, her sister and several friends were walking to school one day. They were side by side and she and her sister were walking on the edge of the road. A student driver came around the curve too fast. Kelly pushed her sister towards the sidewalk causing a domino effect for the others falling to safety as she was hit and killed. Perhaps that man and the man Mimi dealt with are of the same spirit? I don’t know… I do know this… What we call bad is also good and what we call good is also bad. Or good manifests itself from the unholiest of places… And bad manifests itself from the Holiest of places…. A conundrum!

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