Are frogs considered evil spirits in the Bible?

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Question:  A friend of mine asked me a question about frogs. She had been told that in the Bible frogs are considered evil spirits and from the devil. Is there any scripture in the Bible that supports that theory?

Answer: Frogs are mentioned in Exodus 8, Psalm 78:45 and Psalm 105:30 in regard to the plague of frogs that God sent on the Egyptians. In Revelation 16:13 John sees a vision of the dragon and the beast and the false prophet (Satan, the Antichrist and the Antichrist’s prophet) spewing three unclean spirits out of their mouths in the form of frogs who create armies of the earth that Satan attempts to use to defeat the army of Christ from heaven.

In and of themselves, frogs are not evil spirits. They are part of God’s variegated creation and serve a crucial role in the ecosystems where they live. However, humans have tended to distort their perspective of God and construed animals as having divine traits, even worshipping certain animals as representations of God. The Egyptians apparently viewed frogs as having divine power. “In the Egyptian pantheon,” writes John Hannah in The Bible Knowledge Commentary of the Old Testament, “the goddess Heqet had the form of a woman with a frogs’ head. From her nostrils, it was believed, came the breath of life that animated the bodies of those created by her husband, the great god Khnum, from the dust of the earth. Therefore frogs were not to be killed.” God’s order through Moses to cause the frogs to become a plague was another way of showing the Egyptians that He was the true God who had power over their gods.

The evil spirits in Revelation taking the form of frogs may hark back to this concept of frogs in Egypt being part of the plagues God sent on that nation. Here they look like frogs but are actually demons. This is all symbolic, it seems, of how Satan will attempt in the last days to defeat the kingdom of God through the use of human armies that these demons round up.

So, are frogs considered evil spirits in the Bible? No, but they can represent evil spirits in that they represent the plagues that came on the earth in times past. Those who seek to view frogs as evil spirits are in danger of succumbing to the same false notions of idolaters who wrongly twisted created beings into objects of worship or fear.

Randall Johnson

23 thoughts on “Are frogs considered evil spirits in the Bible?

  1. My bathroom basement was once invaded by a poole of toads or frogs. I was very frightened.
    I am a Christian. Other strange events took place like a light bulb bursting without cause. Snakes
    and spiders and a strange smell of sulvar in one bedroom. Later I learned that a little girl had died in the house after her father accidently ran over her with his tractor. Eventually, our family moved away. What do you think of this as a pator?

    • I cannot say what is the cause of the frog invasion or the light bulb bursting, or, for that matter, the spiders or sulfur smell. What I do feel convinced of is that it is way more likely that these were either completely explainable events in purely natural terms or demonic spirits were behind some or all of them. It is quite reasonable to have someone help you cleanse your house of evil spirits just in case that is the cause. They must submit to Jesus’ authority. He wants your house to be a place of refuge and ministry to others and yourself. Dedicating your house to this purpose should be a part of that.

      The spirits of dead people are not viewed in Scripture as free to roam around and haunt people. They are consigned to Hades or Heaven. I would always suspect demons if the next best explanation for paranormal experiences is ghosts.

  2. When my daughter was 2-3 years old, she was petrified of her room and said there was a frog in her closet for quite some time. I always thought in the back of my head if she saw something that to her “looked” like a frog, but actually wasn’t. Oddly enough, I’ve had nothing but problems with being attacked and abused by the neighbors in this building since the week that I moved in and have suffered from all sorts of abusive attacks from seemingly every area in my life, especially long-term violent and controlling ones. In this apartment, I’ve heard footsteps day/ and night (sounding like heavy boots slowly walking), I’ve felt like i was being surrounded by unseen evil forces, the light bulb has actually burst, and there have been many many other unexplainable occurrences, (especially when I start to become more trusting and obedient with God). Also, someone from this area did some renovations here years ago, and told me it was a drug house then, but aside from that, he stated that he PHYSICALLY saw a man SPIRIT and it came after him! TWICE! He also told me that that specific unit was blessed by a priest, but not the whole house and that I should move when i can. However i still live here, and I am worried about my daughter who is now 5. She is increasingly having episodes of violence (and laughing about it), bullying other children, uses the word “hate” to describe everything she doesn’t like no matter how much i tell her God doesn’t like hate, she also blames God for things when things don”t go her way, she has been exposing herself around the house and slapping her private parts, and sometimes is destructive….the weird thing is that she is only like this for maybe a half hour to and hour. Her personality and demeanor changes drastically after. I am actually afraid for her. She was having an episode this morning, and I was so drawn back by her behavior i said “in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to tell me your name, who are you?” she was acting sweet at first and told me her name then got very angry. I asked her again and her face got all distorted and she yelled “what do you NEED!!?’ and started laughing with a very devilish smirk. I’ve never been afraid of my daughter, but that actually made me jump. She saw that she scared me and then very cunningly asked “what are you gonna do” and kept laughing. I am horrified, and i think that this “frog” may be influencing my baby. I desperately need help, prayer and advice. Thank you

    • Ashley, you may have an evil spirit or demon infesting your home and affecting your daughter. I would definitely find a pastor who is knowledgeable about such things and ask for advice and, preferably, for the pastor to come, with a team, if need be, and cleanse your home. I would recommend you get your daughter to a Christian counselor who can assess what is going on. If it is a demon it can be dealt with by taking authority over it as you tried and requiring it to leave. But even if it is your daughter has been traumatized and will need some special care from a trusted counselor and from you.

      • Thank you for responding so quickly, I greatly appreciate it. You just confirmed what I was suspicious of all along. I am more than convinced that there is something evil here and have been praying about it for years. Its also possible that something could’ve followed me here since I used to have many friends involved with Santeria and all types of things that I had no idea what they were until now. However, this place has always had a heaviness about it that won’t leave. I also found a little ceramic like doll in the basement, and it looks foreign. I didn’t want to touch it. Anyway, I find that its not just my daughter that is affected, it seems to be the whole house, and every unit but she is my main concern. It seems like while in the house one, two , or all of my family members are at risk of being attacked…but its absurd, irrational, impulsive, behavior…many times violent and saying the most disrespectful things possible, but for no reason to provoke it. There is no logic behind it. We are already in counseling, but not with a Christian counselor. I’ve also had an elder from my old church where i used to live come here and pray with me and talk to me about spiritual warfare, but in some cases it made it worse or it would only stop for a little while. I know that calling upon the church would be the right thing, but how do I go about doing that? I’m actually in the process of finding a church so I don’t even belong to one. Any suggestions?
        Thank you so much. You’ve been a blessing

  3. I had a dream that i was in my boyfriends house and there were hundreds of red frogs glowing and they were jumping but also flying at me getting on my chest and towards my face they were little but then i saw his daugter swimming in the backyard with them in a dirty pool i asked him to call the ambulance and he refused and he had three guys there and the went upstairs and one left the house i got the impression in my dream that the guy who left was a drug dealer but not sure this was my dream whats it mean if anything.

    • I really can’t say what, if anything, this dream means. Our minds do strange things with the data of our lives, putting the data into a metaphorical context in our dreams. It would be necessar to sit down with you and talk through this dream to tease out what might be legitimate concerns. More fruitful for you might be to consider what aspects of your relationship to your boyfriend you are stressed about and talk through these with him, or if that is not possible, with a counselor. I would not bring up the dream as that might just cloud the issue. The more important question is how you are feeling about the relationship.

  4. I came home a certain evening to find a frog in my toilet seat. I have no clue where it could have appeared from since there are no hole or openings anywhere. I immediately anointed my entire house. I want to know if it connotes anything spiritually

    • I would encourage you to read the comments and responses above. No, I don’t think this is sufficient evidence to say it connotes something spiritually. At any rate, as you continue to dedicate your home to God and look to Him for your protection, He is wonderfully responsive to such faith and will protect you from the evil one.

  5. This may mean nothing,but for the past week I have been having a baby frog on my car everyday. This is something that just started happening. I’ve talked to someone and they told me that its an omen and that it could mean I have evil people around me or even death. What do you think?

  6. When i was on 24 hour lock down in jail right after i decided to give my life for god, I was attack by what look like a frogs in a dream like state where my body was paralyzed but my spirt was be harassed by dark legion of frogs, i remember thinking ” I know who you are your nothing!” and called out JESUS over and over and they disappeared. Weird but true. the name of jesus has so much power, I love him :)

  7. I had a dream that my boyfriend could turn himself into a small frog,what does this mean? Later I met a lady that also said her husband could the same thing and he did so become a fairly large frog in the dream and both were frogs hopping around in our presence. Many say that dreams of frogs isn’t good,is this to be true?

    • I don’t know what the dream means and would caution you against making any conclusions about your boyfriend based on the dream. Evil spirits, demons, are around us all the time (though they are not omnipresent like God is and are very much creatures made by God and limited as all creatures are), but our best strategy is to dwell in the truth of Scripture and allow it to critique all our thoughts and actions. Demons are helpless against truth.

  8. This is very interesting and the Jewish people say frogs bring strive and anger in your home because a frog make an unbearable noise all the time. Another thing what I would like to have clearance about. should we use pictures of green frogs to explain the Word to children And let them make frogs out of paper? This is happening in churches all over where they have a church for the kids on their own with grown-ups to teach the children.

    • There is nothing wrong with using pictures of frogs to explain anything, including the Bible. Scripture does not prohibit such things and we are not led by Scripture to see frogs, in and of themselves, as in any way evil. They are part of God’s good creation, along with every other creature He made.

  9. Pastor,I had a vision whilst I was praying,and I saw a moving bus and a frog who was in the street jump across from the left window of the moving bus to the right window and it came out again into the street.This happened although the bus was moving.
    Now my condition now in life is that I am in critical situation.I have been withdrawn from university because I am unable to pay for my fees.And I am in need of finance to make the payments.What does this visions means.

    • I am sorry, but I do not know. May I assume that you are sharing your need with your own church family and seeking their wisdom and prayer? Going to university is in and of itself neither good nor bad. It is a means to get education that might help you be a better contributor to your community and to the world. But God has called you to use the gifts he gave you to serve your community whether you have this education or not. Where is He moving you to serve? How does He want you to make a difference? If He wants you to be in university He can make that happen. If not, He can use you in many other ways.

  10. Hi,pastor I have been reading your comment to God people about frogs so I woke up Sunday morning feeling some kind of way because my husband said something to me that hurt my feeling so I slept in the living room. So i goes into the kitchen and saw a little green frog in the dish rack. Help me because I do serve the Lord Jesus Christ

    • This has nothing to do with any evil spirits, most likely, but just coincidental. If you had reason to believe it did have so to do with unclean spirits, just take authority over them in Jesus’ name.

  11. Last fall I faced a situation that weighed heavy on me and still does. I trust God’s will and realize that as servants we can do but so much when sent to help others. Long story short my life went full circle which was odd to me while obvious to all that my course led me back to square one. I met old friends and family who needed help and lifting up. One person is clinically depressed imo. He was not going to cooperate. I went to a place in the woods I enjoyed as a child. There under a pine thicket I prayed. Toward the end of my prayer for guidance it began to rain frogs. They were falling from the pine trees onto the ground as well as myself. I have never seen so many tree frogs much less a shower of them and I consider the woods a sanctuary. I took it as a sign but I have yet to understand the sign. I was not afraid as they are just frogs. The day was sunny and dry as well as hot. I have come back home but whatever I am to do for these others has not yet been done. A funny thing though everytime I think of the frog shower the book of Joel comes to mind. I left the woods that day and read Joel but I am still none the wiser. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • In the book of Joel it was a locust plague that Joel was interpreting as a judgment on Israel but with the promise, on Israel’s repentance, that God would restore what the locust had eaten and would, in the last days, pour out on Israel His Spirit. What you experienced in the woods was not a judgment on you. I don’t know what it meant if it was a sign from God for you. I don’t know what it is you feel you must do for your friends or family, either, but I would encourage you to follow the Lord on this and remember that only He can change people. Your responsibility is to show them the truth. It is their responsibility to respond to the truth and ultimately God’s choice as to how He works in their hearts.

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