What happened to Job’s wife?

Question: I don’t think it specifically tells. I don’t see how the same woman could have all those children at the beginning of the book and then have 10 more in her later years. I tend to think it’s another wife. I think she is even more tragic than Job. It’s very discouraging to me.

Answer: I don’t know what happened to Job’s wife. Since all their children who died were apparently grown ups, it does seem odd to think of her having 7 more. Perhaps it was through another wife, but we just don’t have enough information to know one way or the other. It is discouraging to see the pain his wife went through and not get to see if she too came out strong in her faith as Job did in the end. We might presume, however, that she did have a change of heart in that it isn’t said that she was no longer married to Job. If she is the one who bore these new children then presumably she had a different frame of mind about God and the events of her children’s deaths.

Randall Johnson


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